Terraced House Design in Bologna: Combining Tradition and Modern Living

Bologna, Italy, is renowned for its charming terraced houses, or “case a schiera,” which grace the city’s historic streets. These unique homes serve as a testament to Bologna’s rich architectural heritage. At D+D Group, we embrace the opportunity to design terraced houses that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary living in this captivating city.


Preserving Architectural Heritage

Our approach to terraced house design in Bologna is rooted in preserving the city’s architectural legacy. We understand the importance of harmonizing new constructions with the surrounding historic structures. This involves using materials, color palettes, and design elements that pay homage to the city’s architectural traditions.

Efficient Space Utilization

Terraced houses are renowned for their efficient use of space. These multi-story homes are designed with functionality in mind. Ground floors typically house communal living spaces, while upper levels accommodate bedrooms and private areas. Our designs prioritize efficient use of space without compromising on aesthetics.


Integration of Modern Amenities

While honoring tradition, our terraced house designs seamlessly incorporate modern amenities. Open floor plans, energy-efficient systems, and smart home technology enhance comfort and convenience. We pay meticulous attention to lighting, ventilation, and insulation to create sustainable and comfortable living spaces.


Private Outdoor Retreats

Many terraced houses in Bologna feature private outdoor spaces, such as courtyards or gardens. These outdoor retreats provide residents with peaceful escapes from the city’s hustle and bustle. Our architects carefully design these spaces to be both functional and visually appealing, often incorporating local flora and complementary design elements.


Customization to Resident Preferences

Terraced house design with D+D Group in Bologna is highly customizable to cater to the unique preferences and lifestyles of our clients. Homeowners have the flexibility to select interior finishes, fixtures, and layouts that align with their individual tastes. This personalization ensures that each terraced house becomes a distinct and cherished home.


Sustainable Building Practices

Sustainability is a fundamental consideration in our modern terraced house designs. We embrace eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features. Solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and green roofs are among the sustainable elements we incorporate to minimize environmental impact and reduce operating costs.


Compliance with Local Regulations

Designing terraced houses in Bologna requires strict adherence to local building regulations. Our experienced team navigates these regulations to ensure that each project aligns with city guidelines, ensuring safety, structural integrity, and urban planning congruence.


Community Integration

Terraced houses are integral to Bologna’s urban fabric. We carefully consider how our designs integrate with the broader community, emphasizing proximity to essential services, public transportation, and community spaces to create a cohesive and convenient living experience.

Terraced house design in Bologna is an art that combines tradition, functionality, and aesthetics. At D+D Group, we take pride in crafting homes that honor the city’s architectural legacy while providing modern comfort and convenience. Our commitment is to create terraced houses that stand as living tributes to Bologna’s architectural heritage.