Innovative Concept Design for Residential and Retail Spaces

D+D Group excels at concept design for all types of spaces, from private residences to retail establishments. Our design process allows clients to define the ideal layout and aesthetics before construction begins.

Tailored Residential Concepts

For homes and apartments, we collaborate to create layouts that optimize natural light, flow between spaces, and custom functionality. 3D visualization brings the design to life, from materials to spatial volumes. Sustainable strategies integrate seamlessly.


Engaging Retail Experiences

Our retail concept designs focus on creating an engaging brand experience. We analyze your target customers, brand identity, products and services to inform the spatial layout and visual details. The goal is an immersive retail environment tailored to your brand.


Defining Your Goals and Vision

The process starts by deeply understanding your vision, needs and priorities. How will customers or residents interact with the space? What impression do you want to convey? By answering these questions, we design spaces that align with your goals.

Exploring Layouts and Spatial Connections

Next, we use your input to conceptualize floorplans for optimal flow between areas. For retailers, we ensure engaging brand moments throughout the customer journey. We study how lighting changes throughout the day to create dynamic spaces.

Concept design in Bologna


Visualizing the Design

You’ll see your concept design brought to life through 3D modeling, renderings, sample materials and digital walkthroughs. This allows you to experience the space virtually, providing valuable feedback before construction starts.

An important part of the concept design is choosing materials, colors and finishes to support the overall aesthetic. We present curated palettes for floors, walls, fixtures and more to hone in on your style.


Sustainable Building Principles

Your concept integrates green building best practices, energy efficiency and passive solar design principles tailored to Bologna’s climate. Sustainability informs the concept from the start.


Bring Your Concept to Fruition

With an approved concept in hand, we oversee teams of engineers, contractors and artisans, providing clarity at each stage for seamless execution. The end result aligns with your vision.

Contact us today to transform your project into an ideal living or retail space with D+D Group’s concept design expertise!