Accomplished Architect and Founding Partner of d+d group

Anna Faccioli is an accomplished architect and founding partner of d+d group, a leading architecture and design firm based in Bologna, Italy.

With over 20 years of experience, Anna is recognized for her innovative approach to architectural design, interior design, and project management. She brings a blend of creativity and analytical thinking to every project.

Background and Education

Anna was born in 1971 in [city, Italy]. She demonstrated an early interest in creative pursuits and design. In 1997, Anna graduated with honors from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence. Her education provided strong foundations in architectural theory, engineering, and design methodologies.

Early Career

After university, Anna began her career at several architecture and design studios in Bologna. She gained valuable experience in areas like interior design, corporate branding, event installations, and retail store design. This cross-disciplinary exposure shaped her versatile approach.

Leadership at Nike Italy

From 2000 to 2009, Anna worked at Nike Italy. She led teams in retail design and project management for Nike’s rollout of branded stores across Italy. This role allowed Anna to guide complex projects from conceptual design through construction and implementation.

Founding D+D Group

With a diverse background under her belt, Anna felt ready to start her own firm. She co-founded d+d group in 2009 alongside business partner and architect Tommaso Zanini.

As a partner at d+d group, Anna oversees company strategy and leads residential and retail architecture projects. She is particularly interested in residential design and creating living spaces tailored to client lifestyles.

Anna Faccioli’s leadership and design talents have helped build d+d group into one of Bologna’s most respected architecture studios. She is committed to sustainable, functional and aesthetically appealing architectural design.