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d+d group is the associated architecture firm that supports the client through the entire building process. The firm operates in designing activities, site direction and technical consulting in housing and retail fields.

The INTEGRATED DESIGN is actuated by coordinating all the different professional subjects (architect, structure engineer, systems designer, fire prevention technician, etc.) beginning from the preliminary phase (layout/concept), through the definitive phase of the project (file drafting finalized to obtain permits and building procedures) and to the executive phase, which includes the production of the site-ready project, legal papers and contracts, quantity survey with economical considerations, tender contracts and everything that is requested to take the project from paper to reality.

The steps that characterize our design process are the following:

Preliminary analysis of the possible building and/or bureaucratic issues that  the local authorities can find on the project.
Measured and photographic survey.
Economic streams analysis and times forecasting on the works duration
Instrument of communication with the client: descriptive-photographic reports.

This phase is developed under a tight relationship between the firm and the client to answer specifically to the technical and functional requests of the project.
Instrument of communication with the client: digital or paper portfolio containing graphic schemes, handmade drawings and 3D renders.

Drafting of the building papers aimed to obtain the necessary permits that the local authorities request, including the advertising signs authorizations, architectonic and landscape superintendence opinions, safety plans in project phase, building permits, SCIAs, fire prevention, mechanical and electrical systems.

Project developing aimed to the execution of the works in the building site under the architectonic, structural, electrical, mechanical and lighting points of view.
Architectonic and constructive details of every furniture element such as stairs, handrails, kitchens, window frames, toilets, etc. and their own components.
Contractual papers drafting, including quantity surveys, lists of the processes on the building site and tender contracts.
We also provide coordination for the different professional figures, aimed to verify and eliminate the possible incongruity among the different technical papers.

The BUILDING SITE MANAGEMENT includes the following steps:
Technical supervision of the works, coordination and organization of the on-site activities, technical and economical control of the works advancing statuses, on-site safety coordination: all these information will be periodically provided to the client through reports.
Control and final validation of all the works executed in conformity with the executive project and its eventual variants.
A punch list, drafted for the works contractor, to underline the dissimilarities that were eventually spotted and their reparation.
Final drawings of the as-built status.

TECHNICAL ADVICE  can be provided when problem solving skills are requested in the building-system environment, both for granting the building’ safety and to improve its costs management. With non-invasive diagnosis, structural, energetic, systems and safety inquiries can be carried on.
The structural diagnosis is finalized to the analysis of the preservation of the structures and their eventual seismic risk behavior.
The energetic diagnosis aims to analyze the decay status of the building’s curtain walls and its systems and to find the right path to improve the energetic efficiency with the consequent reduction of the building management’s costs.
The diagnosis over the quality of the safety of the building wants to compare the installed components with what requested by the actual laws in terms of electric and mechanical systems, working places and public spaces safety, fire prevention, water supply and disposal and dangerous materials disposal.